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Since 1989, our goal has been to create quality educational options for students in under-resourced neighborhoods in our city.  We have done just that, providing an array of opportunities to prepare students for college and beyond.

We've created more than 134 New York City public schools. In 2007, we became a partnership support organization chosen by the New York City Department of Education to support a network of schools across the city. Today, we serve 75 public district schools, serving more than 47,000 students citywide.

In 2010, we opened New Visions Charter High School for the Humanities and Charter High School for Advanced Math and Science, making New Visions the only educational organization in NYC supporting both district and charter schools. 

Today, New Visions has a total of six charter high schools open in the Bronx and Brooklyn, with a goal of opening 14 more over the next five to seven years. By serving more than 47,000 district school students and more than 10,000 charter high school students, we will be serving a student population larger than the Seattle school district.