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Strong schools need effective teachers and leaders capable of meeting the academic and developmental needs of their students. Research shows that having an effective teacher can impact student achievement more than any other factor within a school's control.

Yet today, nearly one-third of New York City's teachers leave the profession within three years, even though teachers are most effective after those crucial first years.  Most teachers who exit the profession cite a lack of support and inadequate preparation for the challenges they face. Further, school leaders do not always have enough resources to support and cultivate teachers with promise.

To address these challenges, New Visions for Public Schools and its partners have created teacher and school leader certification programs designed to prepare the next generation of teachers and leaders and support them through the crucial first years of their career.

The New Visions- Hunter College Urban Teacher Residency (UTR)

The Urban Teacher Residency (UTR) Program seeks to prepare individuals for careers as special education and English language arts teachers for grades 7-12. Each "resident" teacher is paired with an experienced mentor teacher in their subject, and mentors undergo an extensive selection process and a full semester of professional development prior to their work with resident teachers.

Residents work in a host school with a group of other UTR residents while simultaneously earning their Masters degree from Hunter College. Hunter faculty and UTR staff work closely to align the coursework with hands-onexperiences in schools. Graduates are supported in finding full time positions, and earn full certification to teach in New York City. Over the past 4 years, 100% of UTR graduates have found full time positions in high need city schools.

The Math and Science Teacher Residency (MASTER)

The MASTER program aims to bring ambitious and rigorous STEM pedagogy to our highest need classrooms through training prospective teachers under the guidance of an experienced mentor teacher.Residents work in school communities that support collaborative pre-service teacher learning and ongoing teacher development. Upon satisfactory completion of their first residency year, MASTER residents will receive their initial New York State certification and hiring support; in year two, after successful coursework completion and demonstration of effective instruction, they will earn their Hunter College Master’s degree.

MASTER residents will have the opportunity to participate in graduate coursework at Hunter which aligns with their work in schools. Residents will also be integrated into the New York Hall of Science which will provide hands-on facilities for residents and mentors alike to test their hypotheses and conduct experiments in a world-class museum dedicated to making science both enjoyable and instructive.

The New Visions- Hunter College Teacher and School Leader Program

Hunter College, in partnership with New Visions for Public Schools, now offers an exciting clinically based leadership development program for teachers who are looking to make an impact in their schools. In order to be eligible, candidates have taught for at least three years, made a significant impact on their school community, and have the full support of their Principal. Participants will be engaged in the work of “strategic inquiry” to identify and successfully impact change for a small group of students, peers and systems in their school.

The program will result in either

a. 1-year teacher leader certificate from Hunter College or
b. 2-year- school or district leader certification.