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Advanced Math & Science II

Graduation 2018

On Friday, June 29th, the 2018 cohort officially graduated! This momentous occasion brought so much joy to the families, close friends and staff members of the AMS II community. It was such a joyous occasion and we are very proud of their success. 

When asked, “What does graduating high school mean to you?” Students answered:

Kaosy, Stony Brook Class of 2022 - “I have met the halfway mark of my career. Twelve years down, another twelve to go. High School helped me build very strong friendships and taught me skills I’ll need in the real world.”

Farid, City College Class of 2022 - “It means it's time for me to showcase my skills to the world. It’s time for me to begin meeting new people and becoming who I want to be.”

Danisha, Gutmann Community College - “Graduating High School was one of the hardest things I have done in life so far. Graduating means no more going to school, no more trips, no more seeing all the friends I’ve made throughout the four years and realizing that I have officially embarked on adulthood. When I first began my high school journey I didn’t fully understand the value of a high school diploma but as I developed over the years and began to take my studies seriously I saw all the hard work I’ve put in begin to pay off. This one is for the books. It made me happy and both my mothers proud. They know who they are.”

Alima, College of New Rochelle Class of 2022 - “Graduating meant a lot to me because my older sister who attended AMS II before me wasn’t able to make it to the deadline so when I did, it made me feel like I’m not a failure and I can do whatever I put my mind to.”

Djibril, Borough of Manhattan Community College Class of 2022 - “It means a lot, it was a great 4 year experience and now it’s time to step out into the real world.”

Michael Prince, Borough of Manhattan Community College Class of 2022 - “Graduating High School meant completing the first milestone in my life. It was my opportunity to let people know I’m capable of success.”

Graduating High School means a lot to our students and this is only the first step in a continuation of successes the Class of 2018 will achieve.

Amongst the graduating Class of 2018, seventy students have commited to CUNY schools, thirty have commited to SUNY, and thirty-one have commited to private institutions, one of them being the illustrious Princeton University.

Congratulations to the AMS II Class of 2018!!

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