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Student Achievement as Stock and Flow

Helping schools identify at-risk students and designing interventions is one of the most critical supports New Visions provides schools. The greater availability of real-time student data such as attendance rates, credit accumulation, exit exam passage rates and other key indicators help make early-warning systems possible.

Our understanding of how these systems can help -- or hinder -- school interventions has evolved over time. It became clear to us that student achievement can be measured as both a "stock" (a point-in-time accumulation) and as a "flow" (a dynamic movement across time).

Visualizing both dimensions of student achievement produces a unique map of student performance at a school over time. The interactive graphic below allows you to explore the features of what we are calling our "Stock-Flow Tool."

The "Explore" tab allows you to retrieve anonymous school-level data from one of our network high schools. The tool visualizes the data into a map that displays student performance of one graduating class ('08, '09, '10 and '11) across all four years (or eight semesters). Student performance is categorized from high-performing, college-ready (blue) to low-performing and at-risk of dropping out (red). The tool allows you to visualize performance for subgroups of students (currently, by gender).

Our work designing and implementing this tool to help our schools design effective interventions is a work in progress. We invite you to explore the tool and to ask questions of how such a visualization might help school leaders make sense of their schools' performance. We want to hear your thoughts. Comments on our blog post introducting this interactive tool are encouraged.