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Culture at New Visions Main Office

New Visions hires passionate, talented innovators who are dedicated to partnering with schools to achieve scalable success across NYC and nationwide. Our beautiful, state-of-the-art midtown office space features  meeting rooms, writable walls apt for brainstorming sessions, a wellness room, communal dining area and designated spaces for informal gatherings and cross-departmental collaboration.  With continuous improvement and problem solving at the core of our work, we encourage the development and iteration of creative ideas and strategies, to address the needs of ever-evolving school culture and climate.  We believe that personal and professional growth can take place while working together to powerfully impact the education landscape. 

Culture at New Visions Schools

New Visions works with 70 district high schools and ten charter high schools across New York City, each with a unique culture, catering towards helping students succeed in college and beyond. Our network includes: large schools with small learning communities that give students the feeling of a close knit community with all the perks of a large school campus; small schools where every student is known personally by name, transfer schools, where over-age under-credited students get one-on-one guidance with goal-setting and progress towards graduation and career planning and the New Visions Charter High Schools network.


New Visions Culture