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The Advantages of Working in a New Visions DOE District High School

As a teacher within the New Visions network of public schools you will have access to exclusive resources, professional development opportunities and community partnerships. You will:

  • Have access to a community of educators sharing best practices for lesson plans and strategies for improved student learning
  • Work with data and leadership teams to identify root causes for student underachievement. Together you will develop instructional strategies to engage each student and increase achievement.
  • Be eligible for grants and fellowships through the Fund for Teachers. This program allows you to pursue opportunities around the globe that will have a significant impact on your practice, your students and your school communities.
  • Be a part of a collaborative learning community
  • Create personalized learning strategies for students during common planning periods and;
  • Be part of a school community that partners with local organizations to provide resources that enrich curriculum and enhance your ability to raise student achievement.

Department of Education Employment Ladder

New York is one of the highest paying states in which to teach.  A beginning salary for new New York City teachers is approximately $45,000 a year.  As a New Visions DOE district school teacher, you will receive New York City Department of Education (DOE) salary and benefits. The DOE provides a variety of benefits, including health insurance coverage and retirement. To learn more about salary and health benefits, please use the links at right.