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Past Projects

Since 2003, 578 New York City public school teachers have pursued their professional interests through Fund for Teachers fellowships. Past fellows engaged in a variety of projects. For example:

  • Kara Bristow MacDevitt, a science teacher in Brooklyn, explored four countries: Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietname in Southeast Asia as she tested the quality of the water and its effects on the surrounding communities.
  • Juan Rivera, a social studies teacher, traveled across Japan examining official and unofficial approaches to how people in Japan learn about World War II.
  • Polly Seplowitz spent two weeks camping in Volobe, a remote village in the southwestern region of Madagascar, while working with a UK-based charity called Azafady to build energy-efficient stoves in the homes of the people of Volobe.
  • Dana Dillon, an elementary school social studies teacher, spent her summer in Malawi teaching students to use photography to document their lives for her students back home, and creating a book that featured each student in depth, so as to paint a more vivid picture of typical kids there.