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Marble Hill High School for International Studies

Total Students, 440

Marble Hill High School for International Studies is a college-preparatory school that focuses on global awareness and world languages. Our goal is to promote understanding and knowledge of other cultures and our students’ role in the world as we prepare students for the future.

2 cool things about Marble Hill

  • We have an international community representing more than 49 countries, and our students speak more than 35 different languages. Learning a second (or third) language is valued and promoted at Marble Hill and we want all of our students to go into the world having attained proficiency in another language.
  • Students have opportunities to participate in international exchange programs to China and other countries during the 10th-12th grades.

2 things you should know about coming here

  • Every incoming freshman will receive an adult mentor who is screened and trained through iMentor, to further support you in your academic career. Students will communicate with this mentor weekly and meet monthly throughout their four-year high school career.
  • Marble Hill has many mandatory requirements to ensure every student is college ready: a school wide dress code (please see the website), four years of
    math and science, three years of foreign language for non-ESL students, community service in the 11th and 12th grades and project-based assessments that terminate in portfolio presentations at the end of each semester.

How to get in

This school has a limited screened admissions policy to ensure that 50% of every incoming 9th grade class is composed of English Language Learners. Attendance at an orientation is highly recommended. See DOE High School Directory for more information. Priority is given to Bronx students or residents and then to NYC residents. For International Academy only (43B): open only to ELL students who have been living in the United States for fewer than six years. Please call the school for Open House dates and more information. 

Marble Hill High School for International Studies is a host school for the New Visions-Queens College Urban Teacher Residency.