Brooklyn Bridge Academy

Total Students, 159

The Brooklyn Bridge Academy (BBA), in partnership with CAMBA,  is a small learning community for students who have been truant or who have dropped out of high school. Our comprehensive program includes a challenging academic schedule that maximizes the number of credits that students can earn and prepares them to pass Regents exams.

2 cool things about BBA

  • Our support for students includes employment opportunities and access to health care and counseling.
  • BBA offers professional internships, as well as job shadowing and excursions.

2 things you should know about coming here

  • This school is for students aged 16 and older. 
  • Participation in the school community is required. 

How to get in

This school has a rolling admissions policy, accepting students who are 16 years of age or older throughout the year. They must have attended another high school for at least one year and have a minimum 6th grade reading level. Transcripts, a diagnostic assessment test and an interview with school staff are required. Please call the school to schedule an interview.