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Hillcrest High School

Total students: 3,157

Hillcrest is a high school of over 3,000 students. Every one of Hillcrest’s students chooses to be part of one of our eight Small Learning Communities (SLCs). Each SLC has fewer than 500 students and has its own theme, course offerings, teachers and guidance counselors. Each of our eight four-year SLC’s is linked to career themes and has connections
to the professional world. Hillcrest proudly focuses on learning and excellence. Hillcrest is organized to provide each of our students a safe, nurturing and supportive environment which makes learning purposeful and enjoyable.

2 cool things about Hillcrest

  • The principal, Mr. Morrison, is himself a Hillcrest graduate, Class of 1991.
  • Our eight SLCs are Academy of Media Arts & Music, Pre-Med, Theatre, Teachers of Tomorrow, Public Service & Law, Business/Technology (BIZ/Tek), Newcomers and Health Sciences. Our one-year Senior I-Zone Academy provides enhanced strategies in learning to targeted fourth-year students.

2 things you should know about coming here

  • Along with our SLCs, Hillcrest provides a comprehensive Advanced Placement and College Now Program. Over 950 students are involved in some level of Advanced Placement or the College Now Program.
  • Every student is known by at least one Hillcrest staff member.

How to get in

Admission is open to New York City residents. For Zoned Program only: priority is given to students who live in the zoned area. For further information, please call the school. 

Hillcrest High School is a host school for the New Visions-Queens College Urban Teacher Residency.