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Total Students: 336
Current Grades Served: 9, 10, 11 
(Will serve 9-12 at capacity)

Dear Prospective Scholars and Families,

Welcome to the New Visions Charter High School for the Humanities web page.  On this site you will discover a road map to your child's future.  Through our innovative programs and college and career readiness tracks, we hope to offer your family the opportunity to excel beyond college in careers in the arts, public service and the media.

Our school is guided by the principles of "Rigor, Respect and Responsibility."  Our scholars build a foundation of academic and college readiness in our Lower House, where they learn the fundamentals of writing, reading, speaking and critical thinking. through our innovative Challenge Based Learning curriculum.  Once students complete the majority of their core requirements, Regents exams and a portfolio, they move on to Upper House.  11th and 12th grade provide them with the chance to intern in a local business, take College courses at nearby Lehman College, and experience first hand what life will be like after high school, with the support of an intimate community.

Humanities is located on the John F. Kennedy campus with five other New Visions high schools.  We are able to offer both the diversity of programming, clubs and athletics of a comprehensive high school, with the individual attention of a New Visions small school. Our graduates are prepared to face the challenges of their communities, the City, our nation and the globe.

We encourage prospective scholars to take a tour and see if Humanities is right for them.   We look forward to sharing your child's future with you.


New Visions Charter High School for the Humanities 


Contact our Parent Coordinator, Xiomara Martinez, at (347) 978-1525
or our Community Engagement Coordinator, Laura Vazquez, at (347) 515-2466

Extracurricular activities

PSAL sports, including football, baseball, basketball, soccer, track, tennis, gymnastics, and volleyball. After-school activities, including drama, homework help and reading.

Important things for parents to know

We take rigor, respect and responsibility very seriously in our contract with you to serve your family and your children. Students are required to wear the uniform daily. They also have the advantage of an extended day for more learning time. We will ensure that they are safe, work hard and have the opportunities that will promote successful futures.

About our campus

The John F. Kennedy campus comprises eight schools. We play sports together, share resources and work cooperatively to ensure that all students on our campus are successful.

Travel directions

Humanities is easily accessible using public transportation.

1 train, to either 225th Street or 231st Street

BX1 to West 231st Street
BX7 to West 225th Street & Marble Hill
BX9 to Kingsbridge Road & West 225th Street
BX10 to West 231st Street & Tibbett Avenue
BX20 to West 231st Street

Humanities is a host school for the New Visions-Hunter College Math & Science Teacher Residency.