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Working in collaboration with parents and the community, it is the mission of New Visions Charter High Schools to provide students with an education that is relevant and meaningful today, to equip them with the tools to succeed in college and beyond. At each of our eight high schools in the Bronx, Brrooklyn and Queens, our vision is build on the belief in, and implmentation of, four educational practices:  

Challenge-Based Learning Approach | Students engage in a challenge-based learning approach that requires them to present solutions to real life challenges.

Reading and Writing Focus | A targeted focus on writing in every content area to develop critical thinking skills.

Collaborative Teaching Culture | Working with their colleagues on grade-level teams, teachers take collective ownership of student success by looking at data and student work to create individualized academic plans.

Teaching and Counseling at a New Visions Charter High School

New Visions Charter High Schools are small—enrolling fewer than 600 students—and are co-located with New York City district high schools on campuses in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens.  With Saturday Academy, an extended learning day and targeted remediation, New Visions Charter High Schools are structured to support close working relationships between teachers, counselors and students. 

Our schools implement an innovative challenge-based learning curriculum; at the end of each trimester, students participate in "Anchor" challenges, school-wide projects that require them to apply their newly acquired content knowledge to address current local and global challenges.

Faculty member, comprised of teachers and counselors, work closely with each other to ensure that students receive the support necessary to be successful. Working in teams, they analyze individual student data, design remediation for those at risk, and share responsibility for the success of all students, helping to ease the transition from one grade to the next and—ultimately—to college.

A partnership with Lincoln Center Education enriches learning by drawing from the arts to support students in developing critical thinking skills.

New Visions Charter Management Organization

Supporting our eight charter high schools is the New Visions Charter Management Organization (CMO), located in our midtown Manhattan office.  The CMO is responsible for supporting the day-to-day operations of our schools and helping them to cultivate and graduate college- and career-ready students.

Curriculum & Instruction
Led by a director of instruction, our team of instructional specialists work to develop Common Core-aligned, content-rich curriculum that encourages college-level writing in all subject areas. 

Staffing & Professional Development
As a CMO, we recruit and train teachers and staff and match them to open positions at our charter schools. Our charter school teachers have multiple, ongoing opportunities for professional development (PD), including a weekly dedicated PD at their school and quarterly subject area PDs that bring together all teachers of a specific subject together for collaborative planning.

Recruitment & Community Engagement
New Visions Charter High Schools are committed to enrolling a proportionate share of students with special need and English language learners.  In each of our schools, we collaborate with students and parents to best utilize community resources and establish an instructional program that boasts learning, student empowerment and community involvement.