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The team at New Visions for Public Schools is made up of staff with experience as teachers, principals and superintendents, bringing first-hand knowledge of New York City’s public schools to our work helping to raise student achievement. Other staff bring expertise in education policy, teacher preparation, data systems, digital technology, community relations, fundraising and nonprofit operations.    


ImageNew Visions employees—educators, school administrators, nonprofit professionals, app developers and more—serve as innovators, developing and unearthing strategies and tools that contribute to scalable success at schools across NYC and nationwide.

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Our teachers are passionate, dynamic and innovative world changers who are committed to serving the students of New York City, empowering them to use what they learn in class to solve everyday real-world problems.

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Empower. Actualize. Inspire. Invest. That is what our charter school leaders do daily, supporting both students and teachers along the path to personal success.

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Operations and support staff members are critical to the success and efficiency of all our schools,  helping our scholars to grow into well-rounded, socially responsible citizens.

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