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Achievement in Progress 

In 2007, New Visions for Public Schools was invited by the NYC Department of Education to take on a new role supporting a porfolio of schools across the city, providing instructional, leadership and operational support.  Drawing from the expertise gained in developing the New Century High Schools Initiative, we now work to bring the same level of improvement in student achievement to our schools.

Today, posting steady improvement in attendance, grade-level promotion, exam scores and graduation rates, our schools are working tirelessly to prepare our students for college and career.

High School Achievement

The majority of students served by New Visions are in high school. We are committed to supporting them, particularly during their pivotal ninth-grade year. Our research shows that when students achieve a 92 percent attendance rate, earn 11 or more credits and pass at least one Regents exam in ninth grade, they are far more likely to graduate on time and be ready for entry into a college or career path. Ninth-grade students in our network of schools have shown distinct improvements in attendance, credit accumulation and Regents passage rates.

Our high schools work to achieve an attendance rate of 92 percent or higher. Beginning with the ninth grade class that entered our schools in 2007, the percentage of ninth-grade students achieving this goal has risen 10 points. The percentage of ninth graders earning 11 credits or more increased by nine percentage points. And the number passing one Regents or more went up by sixteen points.

Further, graduation rates at schools that have been part of our network since the 2007-2008 school year have shown steady gains. Graduation rates have increased 8 points since 2007 -- in 2011, our schools had an average graduation rate of 73 percent, well above the citywide average (65.5 percent).