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A Challenge-Based Curriculum

New Visions Charter High Schools use a challenge-based approach to learning, in which students and teachers collaborate to learn about compelling issues, propose solutions to real problems, and take action. In this setting, students must act in order to solve a problem instead of passively receiving information, equipping them with the problem-solving skills necessary to succeed at any college or in any career.

Strong Focus on Writing

College demands strong writing skills. New Visions charter school students complete writing assignments in every subject area. As a result, by the time students graduate, they will have mastered how to write for different purposes and audiences.

Comprehensive Assessments

Our instructional framework includes the regular and coordinated use of assessments including college preparatory evaluations and state required graduation exams. Our charter high school staff members use continuous assessments to meet students' academic needs and ensure that they are progressing towards graduation, by making improvements to teaching and learning methods across all courses.

Strong Teacher Support

New Visions' teachers and staff are committed to supporting each student from enrollment in high school to enrollment in college. Through small class sizes, small group advisories and strong staff and parent relationships, our schools offer a personalized environment where teachers and students become partners in learning, working together to conquer high school challenges and learn about colleges and career pathways.

More Time to Succeed

Charter high schools in the New Visions network offer an extended school day and a Summer Bridge program in the 9th and 10th grades, giving students more time to learn and be successful in every subject area. With more time in class, students accumulate credits at an accelerated rate, allowing for schedule flexibility in the 12th grade for internships and AP college level courses. 

Learning through the Arts

Our teachers partner with Lincoln Center Education to help students develop critical thinking skills and habits of learning by noticing details, making connections and asking questions. These habits create a common language and culture among students and teachers, from class to class and project to project.

Working with Community Leaders

Our schools believe that students should have a deep understanding of their community -- the issues, resources, and leaders that make their communities rich and diverse. Students learn how to be active in their school, campus and neighborhood communities by participating in student government, campus sports, after-school clubs, community internships and community service projects.

Promoting Parent Support

We view parents as highly valued members of our school communities and recognize that our students' success requires a partnership between school and family. In our schools, parents are welcome to visit regularly, talk with school staff about their students' progress, and access assignments and grades online. Most importantly, parents are encouraged to be active members of our school communities through volunteer work, parent-teacher nights and special school events.