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Discussion Guidelines

New Visions for Public Schools encourages visitors to our Web sites to engage with us by adding comments (where applicable) and on our social media channels.  We seek to provide a space for open exchange of ideas relevant to public education today. We encourage healthy debate. Comments are moderated by our communications department. Only those posts that conform to our guidelines will be approved.


Be nice. Just as we try to instill in our students a sense of civic-mindedness, we seek community discussion that is inclusive in nature and advances thought and knowledge. While we may not all agree on every subject, we should discuss matters where we disagree with fairness, consideration and equanimity. We will not allow personal or ad hominem attacks, defamatory comments, hate speech, bullying, or anything that can be perceived to be offensive, obscene, threatening, racist, sexist or homophobic.

Please respect others' copyright. Anything you post should be your own. While we encourage fair use citations of copyrighted material with attribution, we will not tolerate plagiarism or other forms of copyright infringement.

Please respect others' privacy. Comments that include personal information (including but not limited to e-mail addresses and phone numbers) will be removed.

Stay on topic and keep it brief. In order to remain interesting to the larger community, comments should not exceed a couple hundred words. Comments that wildly stray off topic will be removed. Likewise, comments that ramble at length or veer off-topic will be removed.

Commercials, campaigning, or other solicitations are not allowed. Our websites and social media are for sharing ideas, resources and opinions related to the work of New Visions for Public Schools and to public education generally. Comments that are promotional or proselytizing in nature are not allowed.