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Since 1989, New Visions for Public Schools has served as a laboratory of innovation within New York City public schools.  Through a multifaceted approach to school reform, we have driven achievement gains for tens of thousand of students.  Through innovative, evidence-based programming New Visions for Public Schools helps prepare, support and retain the next generation of effective teachers and NYC school leaders.

Teach in a New Visions School

The biggest challenge facing public education is developing human capital; we need strong teachers, leaders, and other professionals capable of meeting the needs of our students and our schools.  New Visions is seeking talented and dedicated educators to join our network of schools.  New Visions works with schools in all five boroughs, from grades K-12; the majority of New Visions schools are either new or small schools.

A streamlined online process allows prospective teachers to apply for multiple positions with just one application. Candidates submit professional histories and teaching preferences that allow New Visions to facilitate close matches between schools and candidates.

Guidance Counselor Resources

Through a strong network of college advisers and guidance counselors, New Visions helps students prepare for life after high school.  Here, students will find the resources and information they need to navigate the college and career search.