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Distilling the lessons learned from our work with public district schools, New Visions founded its first two charter high schools in the New Visions Charter High Schools network, as labs to define new practices that can advance all students. As a charter management organization, New Visions has management authority over its charter high schools and is free to innovate.

In order to prepare students for success in the 21st century, schools must shift the traditional instructional dynamic. Instead of simply receiving information, students must be challenged to find solutions to problems using their imagination coupled with their mastery of content and skills. New Visions developed its charter school curriculum with this goal in mind -- one that is in alignment with the Common Core State Standards.

An Emphasis on Writing

Writing is the capstone skill in our charter schools. Every teacher, in every grade, shares in the responsibility of assigning and reviewing writing assignments. This ensures that students master the range of writing skills they need to communicate effectively in college and beyond.

Challenge-Based Curriculum

We believe students learn best when engaged in a challenge, working with their classmates to develop solutions to real-world problems. In each class, students use a variety of resources to create, present and defend their ideas in writing and in presentations.

Personalized Instruction

Teachers and students at New Visions charter schools become partners in learning. Advisors help students make good choices and learn about college and career pathways.

Extended Learning Time

With an extended day and a Summer Bridge program in the 9th and 10th grades, students have more time to learn.

Learning through the Arts

We partner with Lincoln Center Education  to help students develop critical thinking skills by noticing details, making connections and asking questions. Students regularly attend performances and visit art exhibitions to make connections between the arts and their core subjects.

Family & Community Involvement

Each parent is an active partner in his/her child's education. Our charter schools provide opportunities for parents to meet regularly with school staff to discuss progress and to celebrate successes. Likewise, our charter schools encourage active participation in the community by partnering with community organizations to offer students internships and field projects that advance their learning.